What We Offer

We offer a variety of moving services for college, residential, and commercial customers in Montgomery, AL. Our relocation services include dorms, apartments, fraternity/sorority houses, store, church, non-profit, civic organization, doctor’s office, storage units, etc. Moving can be very expensive; it is our job to move you and your household without breaking your wallet.

Finance Your Move

We Despite our low prices, moving can still be a pretty expensive proposition. If funds are tight and you need to stretch your dollars this may be the perfect option for you to pay for your move.                    

1)Send us an email to john@perrymandeliveries.com with the heading "I want to finance my move". In the body of the email please give us your telephone number, the pick up and drop off address. Very shortly one of our Move Consultants will call you to discuss your needs. If necessary, we will set up and onsite visual inspection. We will then issue you with what is a "binding estimate"**.

2) We will then send you a Pay Pal Credit Invoice for the amount of your move for you to pay via PayPal credit upfront and voila you are done! 

You then have to check with Paypal Credit for their terms as they change constantly (up to 6 months at zero percent interest to pay for your move)

We**Binding Estimate - This means regardless of the final cost of time it takes to complete the move, we (Perryman Deliveries) and customer (you) are both agreeing to the invoiced cost and nothing more and nothing less.  The one caveat to this is that if the scope of your move changes from what was initially discussed either by adding items or an adidtional stop, distance, assembly and dissassembly or anything else that may prolong the move, the service will revert to an hourly rate.